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5 Temporary Hair Colors Perfect for Coachella

Yay! Its the beginning of April and we all know what that means.. COACHELLA is almost here!! In just a couple of weeks people from all over will be making the pilgrimage straight to palm dessert California. Their days will be filled with pool parties and margaritas. There evenings will be spent listening to their favorite bands. Tons of events filled with good music good vibes and COOL HAIR! This is the place to BE! To be creative, be cool, have fun and turn heads. I cant think of a better way to do that, than to express yourself through your hair. I have complied a list of 5 ways to temporarily color your hair for Coachella. Yes i did say temporary! i know on Monday you want to walk into work with no evidence of what took place this weekend. Your secrets are safe with me 😉. Below i have listed a few different products you may want to take a look at. They are ALL available on amazon, and i have included the direct links (because who doesn’t have an amazon account). I’ve also listed some pros and cons for each product to help you make an informed decision about which one would work for you. No need to search the whole internet, I got you!

#1 Hair Chalk

You may have heard of hair chalk before, but i first heard of it a few years ago. Hair chalk was mostly marketed to children but you could sometimes find it at an urban outfitters. There are many different companies that make this product, but below is a link to the perfect product to get the job done.

PRO's: this product is super easy to use. It comes in what looks like a giant crayon form, and you just paint it directly on your hair. Hair calk is great on light brown or blonde hair. You can layer color for more vibrancy.

CON‘s; Not the best for fine hair. The more you layer the product, it begins to buildup giving the hair a wet stringy look.

#2 Hair Color Spray

This one is by Jerome Russell, a brand that i have used a few times on photo shoots or just playing around with friends. Again you can easily find it by clicking this link.

PRO's: Jerome Russel’s “be wild” color spray is great for dark hair. this product will cover your hair beautifully! Because your spraying it on, its easy to layer. This brand offers many different colors to choose from. No matter what color your looking for there is one here to fit your needs. Another reason why i love this product is because it is easy to wash out. Just one wash and its all gone!

CON's: The application is a little tricky. You don't want to apply this product indoors. The mist seems to get everywhere. It's a good idea to wear something to protect your clothes! I would recommend a large trash bag with a hole cut out for your head. This may look silly but it will get the job done.

#3 Glitter!

This next product is one of my favorites and technically its not even a color, its actually glitter! Which is kinda a category of its own. glitter is a great way to add some pop to any style

PRO's: versatility! This specific kit comes with everything you need to use glitter on not only your hair but your skin and nails too. Also the colors that come in this kit will match any and every hair color or outfit combination.

Glitter is perfect on ponytails and braids, but the possibilities are endless!

CON's: no cons to this one.. i love it!


I'm not talking a whole weft, just about a 2in (width) piece with one clip attached . This will add a simple pop of color to any hairstyle.

PRO's; They come in many different colors! this package specifically comes with 20 pieces! That's enough to share with other friends on the trip. Works great in loose braids and messy ponytails.

CON's; hair is synthetic so can only use with very low heat. I would say no higher than 250 degrees. Every iron is different so test on a small section first.

#5 Color wax

last but certainly not least is hair color wax. i would say this product is probably the newest on the scene.Tthere are many reasons why this product could work for you. the following is my experience when using the product.

PRO's; this wax covers dark hair beautifully! .. not just covers it but produces a vibrant color that will definitely turn heads. This brand has many different colors to choose from including metallic and white. I also like how easy straight forward the application process is. Removal was pretty easy too.

CON's; The only con i can think of is just how heavy this product is. It's a wax after all. Not suitable for thinning or fine hair.

So there you have it, my five favorite temporary hair colors prefect for coachella (in no particular order). This comprehensive list should help you make the best decision considering your current hair color and hair type. Please tag me on Instagram to show which one you choose. cant wait ti see all your fun and colorful photos!!

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