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ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR HAIR COLOR? Is it risky box dye causing the problem?.., Maybe a stylist that just won't listen? ...Or it could just be time for a change. Whatever the cause, we have a solution. Talk to a color specialist today! HCC(hair color collective) is here to make your life easier. We have licensed and professionally trained hair color specialist here to answer your questions, and provided fact based advice to achieve your perfect color.

We're not just color, other services include:

curl service
Blonde Wavy Hair

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 Consultation is key! That's why we provide a free consultation prior to your first appointment. During this phone call/meeting, your specialist will take the time to understand your hair's current condition, color history and your desired results. Then your color specialist will choose the best method to achieve the look. Weather it be highlights, balayage, foilalage, root color etc. All this while also protecting the integrity and condition of your hair

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This is where the magic happens. You'll be greeted at the salon by your color expert and you will receive the quality salon experience you deserve. Once your color service is complete you will receive a gloss treatment that will be the perfect accent to your fresh color service.

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Yes! we do haircuts too. We get this question all the time but the truth is, there is nothing that compliments great color like a great cut! Need a new look, fresh style, or simply a cleanup ? We've got you covered. Men and women Whether you’ve got curly, thick hair, or straight thin hair, or a mix of something in between, your specialist can deliver your gorgeous new look.

Hair Wash

Say yes to a better hair coloring experience


appointments available everyday 9am-6pm
need another time? Give us a call to check availability 

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  Next, we book your apt for salon services. Once your apt has been booked your  color specialist will create your custom color formula that will give your hair that quality treatment it craves. We use a variety of color lines including but not limited to wella ( color touch and koleston perfect), redkin, schwarzkopf, pulpriot, etc.


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Blonde Wavy Hair
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